Ornate gemstone ring

Custom-design your own ornate gemstone ring, selecting your preference of metal (argentium silver, 14k yellow or rose gold, or 18k yellow gold) and your favourite gemstone, whether a smooth cabochon or a flashy faceted gem. Make it yours!

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What does your jewellery say about you?

This ornate gemstone ring one of Eimear’s most popular ring styles. The variations are endless, although the overall regal design is retained, as each customer puts their own personal stamp on their variation of this custom-made ring. You can select the main gemstone from among Eimear’s huge collection or she’ll find one to match your specifications. This will then be set ornately in a decorative ‘crown’ gallery bezel with beaded or twisted wire detail. The choice of metal is yours also – either argentium silver (tarnish-resistant, superior silver to sterling), 14k yellow or rose gold or 18k yellow gold. You can even mix and match metals!

This is a very feminine design, with more than a touch of old-world glamour. Definitely, an eye-catcher of a ring that will start conversations and get you noticed!

Make it yours.

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Contact Eimear to discuss suitable gemstones for your custom-made ring


This ring can be made in a variety of metals – choose from:
Argentium silver
14k gold (yellow/rose)
18k gold (yellow)
Or even a combination of any of the above!


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