Love makes it better

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I'm definitely an old romantic, and I wear the badge proudly. Who doesn't love a good love story! And happily, my work often brings me in contact with the sweetest couples looking to channel their love story into tangible treasures, such as their wedding rings. 
With all this romance in the air ahead of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a gorgeous story, written by a couple who I worked with recently. The beautiful photograph of their gold and diamond wedding rings that you see here was actually taken by their daughter - a very talented travel writer and photographer.
So, in their own words....
bespoke gold and diamond celtic wedding rings

"After over forty years together, my partner and I started talking about marriage last year. It was something we had discussed over the years, but life seems to have an unstoppable flow once you start having children and a mortgage, etc.

"So, we now find ourselves in our late sixties, with all that under our belt and a plan to tie the knot later this summer, which is both exciting and wonderful.

"Ireland has changed so much in our lifetime, and of course, we have too. It's fantastic to have this event, this public declaration of our love and bond to celebrate. We see it as a way to honour our life together.

"We kept our plans a secret for six months, picking our venue and getting everything ready before we shared our good news. It was like being a teenager again. Our adult children kept eyeing us strangely as they tried to figure out what was happening.

"The more we talked about it, finding the right wedding rings became very important. After all these years, the rings had to be as special and precious as our love for each other.

custom made gold celtic wedding bands

"We took a trip to Dublin to see what was on offer; we searched the internet and had almost given up when we came across a gorgeous ring designed and made by Eimear Vize.

"It was like, 'There it is, the ring, wow'. It was stunning. We were immediately drawn to the Newgrange circles and all the magic of ancient Ireland they represent. The past, present, and future are all woven into the design.

"The icing on the cake was meeting Eimear. To know our rings have been made by someone who radiates joy and has a genuine love for their art is incredible. She understands how important a set of wedding rings is, and we can never thank her enough for everything she has given us. To see such skill and attention to detail in action was fabulous to experience."



See? Love makes it better - us, our work, the world.

Soppy through and through. I did warn you I was an old romantic ;-)

Love you all 




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